Descriptions and articles about the Garlicvine, scientifically known as Mansoa alliacea (Lam.) A. H. Gentry in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Overview; D. It is cataloged under two main Latin names, Mansoa alliacea and Pseudocalymma alliaceum, although several other synonyms are used as well. Its Spanish. Mansoaalliacea (Lam.) is used for fevers, colds, cough, and upper respiratory condition. In present study, phytochemical analysis of different.

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Ajos sacha is also used as a medicine by the Indian tribes in the Amazon. Mansoa alliacea can be propagate from cuttings. Adenocalymma alliaceum, Adenocalymma pachypus, Adenocalymma sagotii, Bignonia alliacea, Pachyptera alliacea, Pseudocalymma alliaceum, Pseudocalymma pachypus, Pseudocalymma sagotti Common Names: Ajos sacha is also quite well known and popular in the cities and towns in the Amazon and has a long history of use in herbal medicine systems in Peru and Brazil.

Water just enough to make the potting mixture moist, but allow the top centimeter 0. The plant described herein is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, mitigate or prevent any disease. In research published ina water extract of ajos sacha leaves was reported to have an antioxidant effect which was attributed to the anthocyanin compounds found in the plant.

It is a vigorous grower and establishes quickly.

Mansoa hirsuta which is found predominately in Brazil and the two plants share many of qlliacea same active plant chemicals. Ajos sacha is properly classified in the Mansoa taxon which include about 15 other species some of which also smell like garlic and are distributed throughout tropical South America.


Plants & Flowers ยป Mansoa alliacea

Ajos sacha contains several of the main sulfur compounds that garlic does. Each stem should have at least nodes and can be stuck into a mixture of sand and compost manwoa start the rooting process, after removing some leaves to reduce water loss. The Shipibo-Conibo prepare the bark into a poultice to use on bumps, swellings and inflammatory conditions of the skin.

A leader in creating a world-wide market for the important medicinal plants of the Amazon since Outdoors, plant the Mansoa alliacea in full sun position. Both the bark and the leaves are used in tinctures and decoctions. Chemicals reported in ajos sacha thus far include: Move the young plants of Mansoa alliacea into pots one or two size lagers in summer.

Deep lavender flowers with white throat are fading to a paler lavender as they mature. Ajos sacha has also been reported with antimicrobial actions against fungi, plant viruses, and bacteria, which may help explain its long standing use for colds, flu, pneumonia and other upper respiratory infections.

It can be grown in containers and should be trimmed allliacea the flowers are gone. The Tropical Plant Database. It is cataloged under two main Latin names, Mansoa alliacea and Pseudocalymma alliaceumalthough several other alliavea are used as well.

Most consider the plant to be “magical” or “spiritual” and capable of driving away evil spirits or used for good luck. The leaves, tied in bunches, can often be found in local huts and houses for this purpose, or, the leaves are burned as smudge over people or in houses to “cleanse allixcea spirit” or to bring good luck. Its Spanish name, ajos sachameans “false garlic” and refers to the strong garlic smell and flavor of the leaves when crushed.


It is especially abundant in the forests near the Amazon, Ucayali and in the Peruvian Amazon.

The vine blooms heavily twice a year: Researchers in Brazil tested 32 plants for their anti-inflammatory actions, citing new evidence supports that chronic inflammation can lead to cancer and plants with anti-inflammatory actions could be cancer-preventative. The terminal leaflet of this plant is often modified into a tendril that helps the vine to cling onto a support.

Mansoa alliacea is great for a,liacea link fences or any fenceor a large trellis.

Mansoa alliacea

It can be grown as a loose flowy bush, but is most attractive on supports, fences, trellises, pergolas, etc. The use of ajos sacha is just catching on here in the U.

The root is prepared in a cane alcohol tincture as an overall regenerative whole body tonic. Please read the Conditions of Useand Copyright Statement for this web page and web site. Mansoa alliacea is a vine with a moderate growth rate. Hence it is recommended to grow it alliaceq a strong timber trellis in an exposed area where it can receive mansooa sunshine for most of the day.