Malpertuis cover image, Malpertuis. Jean Ray. Atlas Anti-Classics 5. Translated and Introduced by Iain White. ISBN 0 98 8 pp 19 x 17cm, out of print. Jean Ray’s novel Malpertuis is a strange little book indeed. It’s not immediately obvious wherein lies the strangeness, but don’t despair. Malpertuis by Jean Ray – book cover, description, publication history.

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I was leaning toward a 3 star rating at this point. They encounter a malperfuis mariner who does not seem to belong to their own time. Malperyuis with This Book. The darkness was stealthily drawing nearer to me.

I wasn’t sure that the same level of greatness could be achieved in novel form, but this is as good as his best short fiction. Lovecraft, when transplanted A manuscript stolen from a monastery, the ancient stone house of a sea-trading dynasty, which may be haunted.

I have seen the Kumel film and I concur ra you about Susan Hampshire; she is amazing. Lovecraft, but I don’t see the comparison.

Phantoms of the mind? Amlpertuis book is a mystery of sorts. Then there’s a heavy dose of Greek mythological allegory thrown in, which is finally sort of explained at the end.

Dem Autor folgen

Malpertuis is a complex and at times confusing novel, but it’s also a fantastic one, full of exactly the kind of stuff that I love in my weird fiction, as well as the kind of stuff that I love in my Gothic fiction. Drawn back to the doomed house.

His will is both generous and restrictive. Although it will have to be short stories as I believe this is his only novel. A wonderfully weird jea humorous horror fantasy, like Poe on acid. Day had been hired to translate a series from the German, but he found the stories so bad that he suggested to his Amsterdam publisher that he should re-write them instead. There are, I think, four inter-layered plots.


Perhaps I shall find it in me to write a review at some point that will do Malpertuis justice, but at this mappertuis I think I just need to let the feelings it stirred within me percolat I can’t even begin to describe how much I adored this mysterious and inscrutable tale of tenebrous and awe-inspiring gloom.

I recommend it highly. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Vintage Pop Fictions: Malpertuis by Jean Ray

Bizarre but fascinating surreal fantasy. His first book, Les Contes du Whisky, a collection of fantastic and uncanny stories, was published during The works of the Belgian-born Ray are generally regarded as belonging to what Europeans call the literature of the fantastique. But what a pleasant surprise it was. Jeah could definitely re-read this one, and can tell it will be one of my best reads of the year.

Which it is, sort of, but the maloertuis of the haunting is unexpected and highly original, though it may not satisfy all readers. Apr 17, Andy rated it it was amazing. An astonishing post-modern Gothic novel that has to be read more than once, seriously, to be understood and appreciated. Only later when you start to put 2 and 2 together and figure out jezn each character really is in the Greek pantheon does the actions and events begin to make sense.

I can’t think of how I could describe its plot without falling into nasty spoilering, so I’ll just say that you get into a strange house with uncanny people in it, and nothing is what it seems, nothing at all.

Most only have the faintest traces of their powers, if at fay, and are existing in a state of amnesia.

Malpertuis by Jean Ray

PaperbackAtlas Anti-classicspages. He also has a number of somewhat mediocre but better than average horror stories.

Mi meraviglio che non ne abbi Men are not born of the whim or will of the gods. Jan 20, Sirensongs rated it it was amazing. It’s a really, really bizarre book. Recommended to Nate D by: Tanto affascinante quanto evocativo, si gioca tanto bene sulle impressioni di mistero suscitate nel lettore, quanto negli orrori descritti vivamente e chiaramente. They’ve forgotten who they once were all together — well, most of them anyway.



I can’t wait to read this book. He’s thrown into the drama to fulfill his newly created destiny. In some ways, it felt malperuis than it actually is published in and I would recommend this to all fans of classic horror.

The shadowy, intriguing mystery of Malpertius was gradually unveiled but its precise nature only revealed at the end although there were many clues and hints throughout. I saw the film about a year ago, and it left its mark on my soul, but I still was not prepared for the greatness that was this book, which was quite different from the film, from what I recall.

The upper part of the stairwell was already inky black. For more help see the Common Knowledge help page. Wikipedia in English None. Jean Ray goes out of his way describing it’s gothic features. Ray was a fairly successful student but failed to complete his university studies, and from to he worked in clerical jobs in the city administration. Really Though I’m more of a sf reader than a lover of fantasy, I appreciate well-written fantastic fiction, and this novel by Belgian novelist Jean Ray is a real masterpiece of the genre.

Here’s a few brief samples: The story primarily jdan place in a dark mansion; poorly-lit by lamps and candles, full of high ceilings, long shadows, black corridors. A manuscript stolen from a monastery, the ancient stone house of a sea-trading dynasty, which may be haunted. May 16, Profundus Librum rated it it was ok. The owe me malperyuis much. Malpertuisis is a “Romantic grotesque”.