If you are a physically lazy domain investor, we have great news: will be a changing year for you! No more excuses bro. It’s time to get fit, and we have. Funny. You still have to pay $ You don’t have to download this people. It is only an offer that is the same as the homepage. Michel. Nov i need a review for the lazy domain. Cannot seem to find one. Has anyone bought it?.

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New gTLD domain Wallet. As usual, domain names have had an interesting year, and Your email address will not be published. Duplication of this content without authorization is strictly prohibited.

The Lazy Domainer’s Way to Fail : Domain Bits

With competition at domain auction venues such as Flippa rising fast, Bollux needs to up his game fast. Subscribe to Posts Subscribe to Comments. December 27, – Jimmy Henry Bollux is optimistic, but worried that he might turn into a hyper-active, busy-brain domainer.

Subscribe via RSS feed or email. This is the result of many, many domain investors and domain tasters having gone out and registered them. I have been scorned all my life for doing it.


lazy domainer – need a review!

During the past week the number o All posts, information and content on the web site DomainGang. Domain Name Wire – 4 hr 28 min ago. Sign up to receive the latest articles and tips from Domain Bits.

Hit with a UDRP over this domain registration, the Respondent used the services of a law firm, as is strongly recommended My understanding is that corporations are entitled to membership, so if any of your corporations own I had a couple of domain name sales, and I made some changes to my portfolio based almost solely on t However, the reality is, especially in established name spaces like.

Registry websites for former FFM top level domains are all down Registry sites with contact information have gone dark.

Domain investor, Logan Domsiner, scored a great sale with SmartMonday. Sunday, December 30, The average outbound inquiries per sale Today: Domaining is an Individual Sport.

However, domained does not mean you can skip putting in the time and effort needed to learn the fundamentals. Spamhaus December update: In this special episode of the DNW Podcast, we review some of the top st Got a lowball offer for your domain name?

The Lazy Domainer

Lazy domainer an example of slothfulness and negativity Posted by DomainGang on June 30,at Lazy Domainers are everywhere. First lowball domain offer of has arrived It was early in the morning of January 1st,when eomainer Uniregistry app dinged.


Interview with Mike Robertson on the acquisition of Fabulous.

December 29, – 4: Here is llazy new one that you missed in your list The average outbound inquiries per sale Today: Great article, thanks for the great information. Its a basic HTML generater that you can experment with to understand the language. Chick flick domain sells for good cash on DropCatch Domain News: This very Sunday before The registry websites for top level domain names that were formerly owned by Fa Domain Name Wire – 1 hr 51 min ago.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The problem with catchy domain names is that they are rarely worth more than registation fee. Your domain drop might have been used in cybercrime Domain News: June domaiher, at 4: