: L’agression une histoire naturelle du mal [Jan 01, ] Konrad Lorenz: Couverture dà fraîchie. On Aggression is a book by the ethologist Konrad Lorenz; it was translated into English in As he writes in the prologue, “the subject of this book is. Buy L’agression: Une histoire naturelle du mal by Konrad Lorenz, Dominique Lestel, Vilma Fritsch (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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Life is something we can intuitively know, so much as we look into the eyes of a deer or a dog and agressionn into the window of its soul.

But it’s not all about people. This infectious enthusiasm, combined with revelatory insights into evolutionary biology in every chapter, gives the book a storylike progression.

What I have read in this book explains that aggression is a naturally occurring phenomenon and that it even has some functionality.

Feb 20, Abubakar Mehdi rated it liked it. Lorenz sees it as the fight of “fight of flight,” but that lofenz can be and often is channeled into other outlets that signal other types of interactive behavior, such as mating rituals and pair bonding.

On Aggression – Wikipedia

Holt, Rinehart and Winston. I read this in Jr High and really got into it. Unfortunately, Lorenz had a big knowledge about animals, but he did not understand this matter in all its complexity. Mar 22, Anthony rated it it was amazing. It is very difficult to understand this subject by studying only ducks and rats. Each chapter opens up a whole new layer and shines with an enthusiasm for life as it is expressed in all sorts of living things. Evolutionary biology t is a deep, labrynthine rabbit hole to explore.

Lorenz studied instinctive behavior in animals, espec Konrad Zacharias Lorenz was an Austrian zoologist, ethologist, and ornithologist. Anyway, Lorenz never confirmed he supported Nazism in any period of his life. You can read this book as a species of manifesto or a sermon.


I don’t know if some examples he gives could be applied immediately to our species. Aggression, which is between the members of the same species, should not be confused agreseion the predatory behavior towards the members of other species.

Retrieved from ” https: Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. On Aggression was first published in German inand in English in I never thought these birds were so interesting.

I wish one day I would own geese again! Dec 05, Jeannette rated it liked it. The book was reviewed many times, both positively and negatively, by biologists, anthropologists, psychoanalysts and others.

Each chapter could be taken in alone as a mind-blowing essay that is still as fresh today as agressuon must have been in albeit more controversial back then. The few final chapters were my favorite.

On Aggression

Tinkle, comparing On Aggression with Ardrey’s The Territorial Imperative in BioScience innoted that few books had been reviewed so often “or agfession as much vehemence in both defense and derogation” as these two.

Must agree with the comment Lorenz pointed out in the prologue when his friend said it wasn’t clear what all of this adds up to. According to Lorenz, animals, particularly males, are biologically programmed to fight over resources.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. It takes the universal animal “condition” of aggression, a facet of the fight or flight response, that has over time become refined by social rituals and “cultures” of behaviors, and goes full-blown behavior-study-analysis into agressipn this could occur, and further extrapolates what this means for humankind, having evolved from “lesser” lower-tiered among certain strata animals.

Self-defense would be the reason why species have developed this mechanism of behavior over the centuries. This book is a gateway into evolutionary biology.


L’agression: une histoire naturelle du mal – Konrad Lorenz – Google Books

Published October 23rd by Mariner Books first published The aggressiveness of a serial killer is criminal and evil. Konrad Lorenz’s sense of humor and witty jokes make this book very enjoyable. I am eager to read more Lorenz, and having just stumbled upon him on YouTube, learn more about what’s going on in the world of evolutionary biology today through Bret Weinstein.

He argues against the “drive-discharge” model created by Freud and Lorenz, where substitute aggressive activities such as combative sports should reduce the potential for war, and in support of Richard G. Now, this is a wonderful book. He often refers to Kant, citing k biological “mechanisms” must underly his a priori categories as necessary generational developments borne out of evolution.

I feel that much of our society is hell-bent on turning ourinto a bunch of gutless, passive wimps. A very important piece of writing put together in an overly ambitious fashion.

Rather, he negates the categorization of aggression as “contrary” to “positive” instincts like lovedepicting it as a founding basis of other instincts and its role in animal communication.

May 19, Kiron rated it liked it. This means that to remove aggression would mean to also remove things such as respect, competition, and even love. But to be fair, I hoped for much more paragraphs similar to those from the last 3 chapters – a comparative approach and an analysis of humans or at least primates in the current context – and my hopes can not be a valid means of judgment.

The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness.