ANALYSIS By Ben Hayward | Spanish Football Editor Veni, vidi, vici – I came, I saw, I conquered. Julius Caesar in 47 BC, not Jose Mourinho in. José Mourinho forgot happiness need not be a weakness 2 Ken Early: Like Napoleon, Mourinho is the outsider always trying to prove himself. of José Mourinho’s leadership approach, Soccer & Society reading, posing in their stadium, veni, vidi, vici, letting emerge48 a new reality in.

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However, beyond the sheer number of available and willing coaches, there are lessons to be learned from the Premier League’s most successful import. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. They also had the courage and conviction to implement their ideas and stick with them to the hilt.

Jose Mourinho: “The Alexander of Europe” |

Mancini claimed before the game that the gap between the two sides was nowhere near the 15 points as reflected in the table — based on this showing he was right. Both took up mouringo, albeit different, challenges at the time – namely the Stamford Bridge hot seat – replete with the same goals, same objectives and the same risks that came with it.

European success had not befallen the Nerazzurri since Helenio Herrera and the halcyon days of Catenaccio in ‘s. It was also a chance for City to demonstrate that they were definitely as good as, or even superior to, if we wanted to push the envelope mournho little bit further United.

Despite having Vsni Zidane, the current Bayern boss could only muster an Joze Cup from two seasons in Turin, and embarrassingly surrendered a five point lead in three games to Lazio at the end of the campaign to throw away the Scudetto. Both arrived in England as young managers on the back of European success at Porto. He has consistently attributed great importance to the psychological aspect however what is not in question though, is his capacity to pull off a strategy in the short-term.

Beating United has also allowed them to virtually cement their grasp on second place in the league this season.

Veni Vidi Vici! What the Success of Italian Managers in the Premier League Can Teach the English

It shows no teams have competed with Utd, despite them being a poor side. Ancelotti built his reputation with a ludicrously talented Parma squad that contained the likes of Hernan Crespo, Gigi Buffon and Fabio Cannavaro but his subsequent move to Juventus was an objective failure.

Occasionally, he catches himself reflecting about football; and at other times, he clings to the belief that it’s better to be a has-been than a vuci.

Instead, he started his non-playing career at the brutally unfashionable Serie B side Arezzo, before travelling the length and breadth of Italy’s famous boot from Bari to Atalanta and Siena, with mixed results, before taking the reigns mojrinho the Old Lady. For one, many Italian coaches seemingly possess a fluid approach and adaptability to travelling abroad in search of work and new challenges that is virtually unparalleled by other nations, particularly those from the British Isles.


In bleak contrast, since the beginning of the Premier League era, English is the only nationality not to have won the top flight of its own country.

This season United have been a lot more focused than City, especially in the games against mid-table sides, the so-called bread-and-butter games.

Andrew Headspeath 13 Mar From start to bitter end, Ranieri’s whirlwind rise and fall defied all explanation and rational analysis. Victory over Bayern Munich brought a triumphant treble; it was an epic event, a trememdous tale tinted with legendary lustre, magic and myth. History can only be built up over time when you prove, again and again, that you can meet the standards of excellence.

Proclaimed by many as the best club team ever assembled, here was a side that passed the ball, closed down opponents and vnei audiences like no other. Neither has there ever been an English Champions League winning manager. Two-and-a-half seasons at Porto saw a haul of six trophies won, three seasons at Chelsea brought another six, as the erstwhile Pensioners became the world-famous Blues.

Pavan Mano dreamt of playing football professionally from young — a dream partially fulfilled when he played for his college for two years. Yes, he came, he saw, and he conquered. European Alexander vehi his next move. Ancelotti built his reputation with a ludicrously talented Parma squad that contained the likes of Hernan Crespo, Gigi Buffon and Fabio Cannavaro but his subsequent move to Juventus was an objective failure.

Veni, Vidi, Vici: Why Manchester City had to win the Manchester derby – Back Page Football

While these two scenarios cannot be subjected to a like-for-like comparison, they illustrate not just what makes Mourinho different from a Villas-Boas, but also what makes him the Jose Mourinho we know him to be today.

In bleak contrast, since the beginning of the Premier League era, English is the only nationality not to have won the top flight of its own country. Despite the criticism, what still stands is the fact that Jose Mourinho is a fantastic manager of resources, and is consistently producing the highest possible standards of output trophies in the upper echelons of a vast, competitive industry that thrives on success and looks down very severely on failure.

He has worked wonders by getting great energy levels, synthesis and cohesion from his players. They are definitely not 15 points apart in terms of quality; this match proved that. In a one-off game, City are more than capable of matching, and beating, United.


Obviously, England needs to catch up to the European crowd by producing more UEFA qualified coaches, that much is certain – and the statistics are damning. Beyond the confines of England, Italian is also the only nationality to have had a winning manager in all of Europe’s ‘big five’ leagues, and has won the Champions League six times since its rebrand – level only with Spain for the number of managerial victories by nationality. Simply put, there were shades of idealism on one hand and ruthless pragmatism on the other.

They also went through three different coaches.

Now though, they have a 7 point advantage over Chelsea and Spurs, a gap that is a lot more comfortable. And should Madrid fear failure too once Jose seeks to conquer foreign fields? Hallmarks of his time as a manager include assembling a team consisting of the now widespread central defensive midfielder or destroyer, an out-and-out striker, a reliable centre-back and a solid keeper. Mourinho doesn’t usually stay around for long, but long enough to savour success, to vest in victory – wherever he goes.

He is one of those managers who excels at getting the best out of their players, through coaching and man-management. Breakthroughs such as this are few and far between for Portuguese clubs. The Portuguese is often accused of placing short-term sparkle above long-lasting growth at his clubs, and the current crises at Chelsea and Inter would suggest the year-old’s transfer policy did indeed lack long-term vision.

In a uniformly structured world of Premier League ‘haves and have nots’, the Foxes, for a brief and shining moment, tore apart the space time continuum of what was believed possible. As well as adaptability, and experience, another positive to be learned from the Italian mentality is its recycling of coaches, and their resilience. Myriad factors come into play, but still the question is begged: The advanced tactical nous and in-built fanaticism of the Azzurri may be a slightly tired, fetishised cliche, but there is undeniably something more going on that is breeding success among coaches time and again in a way that is fundamentally not happening in other countries.

That Jose wrested the Copa del Rey from their grasp, only to reclaim the league title a year later setting new maximum points and goals scored records in the processfurther enhanced his claim to a spot in the managerial Hall of Fame.

Of course, leagues are won by the most consistent team which essentially means the most focused team will win.