Find learning strategies to answer CAPM & PMP ITTO questions without Use Data Flow Diagrams described in the PMBOK Guide to understand process and. PMI wants to test whether we have internalized the processes and what it takes to That is to understand the Data Flow Diagram of every process. During the exam I realized that our knowledge of ITTO is tested in a way that if you have. ‘TRICK SHEET’ on Project Management ITTO’s (Input, Tool & Techniques, Output ) Compiled by Abdulla PMI-ACP, SCT, . Project schedule network diagrams 2.

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This is a great way to understand the flow of project management work in a process across PGs and KAs. It helps with learning how to manage your test taking time, gives you realistic sample test questions and truly trains you to be ready for the exam. Answers to these 3 questions are provide at the bottom of this post.

So, I went around various online forums looking for a solution and discussed with several people who have passed PMP. You need to understand how they work, how they interrelate and how they depend on each other.

How To Remember ITTOs of All 49 PMBOK Processes? –

That cbart hugely help gauge the level I am at. To build a house you need Inputs plans, specifications, permits, financing, building materials, etc.

It shows where does the input for the current process come from and which processes do the outputs go into. I get asked this question all the time. Read this article here for the how, what and why of all these ITTOs: You’re fhart imagining things, the majority of ITTO also show up as part of the vocabulary you need to be fluent in to pass the PMP exam. If you attend any PMP Trainingor buy a good Exam Prep Bookyou can understand how the different processes interact with each other.


Knowing PMP® ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs) – PMBOK® Sixth Edition – iZenBridge

I find putting things context helps me to understand them better; in this case, using an analogy of building a house works well.

It helped me easily and quickly see relationships and inter-dependencies between all the process groups and knowledge areas. Quick note from Shiv: Don’t waste your time. In Summary, understanding ITTO by their interrelationships instead of memorizing all of them will remove your exam fear. An everyday simple example of this type of system with outputs from one process becoming an input to another is baking a cake, which is made up of three processes:.

If these changes are approved, it usually updates the Project Management Plan and other Project Baselines. Project Management Information System: Muhammad Zulqarnain March 12, For my study I was trying out different means of doing so, including mnemonics, mind maps and so on — till I realized that it is a futile exercise.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Below is the consolidated view of the Plan Scope Management Process: Understanding this allows you to build your project on a solid foundation from the ground up — like constructing a house.

My suggestion is not to try to remember ITTOs of 49 processes, it will stress you out.

However many people just resort to memorize them, and guess what… memorizing it for 47 processes not easy, and is not really necessary. I have considered doing a spreadsheet of ITTO’s to study myself. But I never sat down to read it like a novel.


Do you need to memorize ITTO for the PMP Exam

Check this box to be notified of replies to this topic. Status reports inform stakeholders about where the project is today in regard to project schedule and budget.

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Reconnoitered my test site the day before. ITTO, and the Project Management Processes pml support, have similar logical sequencing constraints and relationships. What are the input in ITTO? You may easily observe that Project Management Plan itot as an Input in most of the Planning processes because it provides an approach to developing plans.

I had almost 2 hours left, so I reviewed my marked questions, then all the mathematics questions and then finally all remaining questions. I took notes, highlighted key areas and did further research on concepts that I did not understand. All of these changes are processes through Integrated Change Control Process and goes as an input there.

Finally, to understand how a house is built, it is more important to know and understand the interrelationships and sequencing of construction activities than it is fixating on variable details, such as out how many nails may be needed — the same is true for processes and this Complete Guide will show you why.

Project Management Process Interactions p.