The Hyles Church Manual (Part One – chapters ) Church Business Go to Part Two by Dr. Jack Hyles. Introduction With pleasure and profit, I have read the. Hyles Church Manual has 14 ratings and 1 review. Congratulations! You’ve been called by God to be a preacher, and He’s given you a church. With pleasure and profit, I have read the manuscript, Hyles’ Church Manual. I wish that this book had been published years ago so that many pastors and.

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Foltz and his staff. They are more than delighted to grant his request. Deposit the other half in the collection plate after awhile, churcn. Parr and seconded by Vic Nischik that this be approved. Hyles, an expert himself in giving an invitation, expresses himself wisely as to how some wonderful gospel messages are ineffectual by a weak invitation. A motion was made by Dave Gifford and seconded by Dave Sharp that these applicants be received into our membership.

Jeremy Lenentine added it Dec 07, We just pray, Father, that in the days to come we will be faithful to preach and teach the Word of God in this building. This gives the people a choice. Bob Foltz will present the keys. We have found it wise to use local builders.

The Public Services No man can run for the office of deacon in the First Baptist Church of Hammond unless he is faithful to the Sunday school, faithful to the Sunday morning service, faithful to the Sunday evening service, and faithful to the Wednesday evening service.


In other words, the pastor and each deacon have veto power. When a family is voted into the church churchh are given a packet of offering envelopes for the entire calendar year.

Do not encourage opposition.

The Hyles Church Manual

The people must trust the pastor completely. In our chapter on the board of deacons we mention that the deacons we mention that the deacons form every committee of the church and that every church officer is chosen from the board of deacons. Then, the name is called orally. We used the shade of trees, the baptistery steps, the bedrooms of the parsonage, the attic, and church buses for Sunday school classrooms, and yet the church grew rapidly.

The speaker should be able to hear himself.

The Hyles Church Manual – The Jack Hyles Home Page

Folks who came in early for the preaching service found an auditorium empty of chairs, and it remained so until Sunday school was over. It is manul upon order.

Becky Williams rated it it was amazing Aug 05, Not long ago a very fine family moved from our church and our city to another area and another state. This leaves too much guesswork.

Pronouncing of the couple as husband and wife. If not, they will stand approved as read. There are several reasons for this, not the least of which is the fact that it is the person who hits the second blow that is chudch penalized. The proposed budget is then presented to the church. Appreciation for serving is done. Get-well cards should be used. What is that something?


A portion of such a report is below: Consider your needs, not your money. When the people love the pastor and the pastor loves the people, this is usually no problem. Deacons compose the budget committee. Foltz and hylss Foltz children. The balance of each page must stay in the black.

The men who fill the office of deacon in the First Baptist Church are required to be faithful! This much money has been spent. I like big speakers near the platform in preference to many little speakers scattered throughout the auditorium. Just because a man has churfh, prestige, power, influence, or leadership ability does not give him any preference over the others.

Hyles Church Manual

Another qualification is the trait of loyalty. Oh, yes, you believe it, but it is hard to explain. This is another one of those things that is a conviction with me.

There are other qualifications, however, that our church requires.

Again, cards are passed out. The moderator should never display his temper.