“The Shadow Over Innsmouth” is a novella by H. P. Lovecraft. Written November- December , the story was first published in April ;. The Shadow over Innsmouth is a horror novella by H. P. Lovecraft, written in November–December ]. It forms part of the Cthulhu Mythos, using its motif of a. H.P. Lovecraft Reread Today we’re looking at “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” written in November-December and first published as a.

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Hippocampus Press,p. Once innsmouuth, as in The Case of Charles Dexter Ward or The Colour Out of Spacethe protagonist investigates the strange events that have been taking place in a deserted town, seemingly afflicted with a curse. Accordingly I kept north along Main to Martin, then turning inland, crossing Federal Street safely north of the Green, and entering the decayed patrician neighbourhood of northern Broad, Washington, Lafayette, and Adams Streets.

I even think that if innmsouth have to pick the only thing from Lovecrafg to ever read it should be this one. I’m glad to see that while people are intrigued by his mythos, they’re reworking his ma He certainly had quite the collection of racist short stories. Probably the clerk would make the price easy for me, but there was nothing else to do. My next logical goal was New Church Green, but somehow or other I could not bear to repass the church in whose basement I had glimpsed ovee inexplicably frightening form of that strangely diademed priest or pastor.

Walking or running on such a surface was very difficult; but I did my best, and on the whole made very fair time.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth: H. P. Lovecraft: : Books

Aug 03, Miriam is currently reading it Shelves: Peabody said, been considerable discussion about the marriage of her father, Benjamin Orne, just after the Civil War; since the ancestry of the bride was peculiarly puzzling.

They seemed sullenly banded together in some sort of fellowship and understanding—despising the world as if they had access to other and preferable spheres of entity. If you’re searching for a good place to start with Lovecraft, this is one of the best places to begin unless you want to do like me and read this whole anthology, which places the stories in the order in which they were written. I expected at locecraft moment to have some horrendous beast burst through the door intent on my eminent destruction.

Arter the war it was jest as bad agin.

He was very deliberate, and spoke with an air of feeling slightly superior to what he said. Here, I thought, was the ideal place for a long secret colloquy; so I guided my companion down the lane and picked out spots to sit in among the mossy stones.


The change, it was said, came simultaneously with the Innsmouth epidemic ofand was thought by simple folk to have a dark connexion with shadoq forces of evil. Nothing, however, happened; and I saw that the power had been cut off. In the end, he discovers some unspeakable horror, once more related to the Cthulhu and other malign divinities from space and out of the underworld.

This uncle had resembled her, and I had never liked him either. One of the Marsh daughters was a repellent, reptilian-looking woman who wore an excess of weird jewellery clearly of the same exotic tradition as that to which the strange tiara belonged.

Thoos twr, Alztr, wy njed dis stwi vry moos twu John: The fingers were strikingly short in proportion to the rest of the structure, and seemed to have a tendency to curl closely into the huge palm. However, The Shadow Over Innsmouth shows a couple of distinctive features. I could not, I decided, risk an emergence into the corridor; where my footsteps would surely be heard, and shzdow the difficulties of entering the desired room would be insuperable.

The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft

Actually, it was caused by the unwise cutting of woodlands near the shore, which robbed the soil of its best protection and opened the way for waves of wind-blown sand. This is a family tree of the story’s protagonist and narrator, Robert Olmstead, as described in The Shadow over Innsmouth and in Lovecraft’s notes.

I was steering my course by the map the grocery boy had prepared, and was aiming for the wholly abandoned stretch of southern waterfront which I had previously visited. Though these stately old avenues were ill-surfaced and unkempt, their elm-shaded dignity had not entirely departed.

A strange young man with a voracious appetite for anything I might know about these creatures. The sons and their sisters had come to look very queer, especially the elder ones; and it was said that their health was failing.

He showed me a piece of jewelry with grotesque depictions of insidious looking creatures engraved on its surface.

Write a customer review. When I had tried to question the natives in the shops, the lunch room, the garages, and the fire station, I had found them even harder to get started than the ticket-agent had predicted; and realised that I could not spare the time to overcome their first instinctive reticences.

Recommended as a background for other writers’ work using Innsmouth and its peoples more than for its own merits.

That fishing paid less and less as the price of the commodity fell and large-scale corporations offered competition, but there was never a dearth of fish around Innsmouth Harbour. In this case, the unnamed narrator tells the story of his short sojourn to a reclusive town of Innsmouth. They were alive with a teeming horde of shapes swimming inward toward the town; and even at my vast distance and in my single moment of perception I could tell that the bobbing heads and flailing arms were alien and aberrant in a way scarcely to be expressed or consciously formulated.


From this point the noise was quite deafening. Rough and scabby, innsmouh the sides of their necks are all shrivelled or creased up. Was this one of those inns where travellers were slain for their money? After one false start, in the final months ofLovecraft finally completed it: I did not open my eyes until the raucous clamour came loudly from a point obviously straight ahead.

During the winter of —28 officials of the Federal government made a strange and secret investigation of certain conditions in the ancient Massachusetts seaport of Innsmouth. I did hear some croaking and clattering sounds far off toward Town Square, but accomplished the passage without disaster.

Dreamer on the Nightside Lovecraft: As L Sprague de Camp noted, the action sections of Innsmouth are a departure for Lovecraft; the story’s tense and memorable siege scene within the titular town’s hotel reveals a flair in execution on a par with some of the most compelling chapters of R L Stevenson’s Kidnapped.

On the right and left, however, some ancient brick business blocks abutted on the hotel; their slant roofs coming up to a reasonable jumping distance from my fourth-story level. They must have fixed up some awful scare for that fellow. Once in a while I noticed dead stumps and crumbling foundation-walls above the innsmout sand, and recalled the old tradition quoted in one of the histories I had read, that this was once a fertile and thickly settled countryside.

The ending, in which the narrator oover still haunted ovet his experience at Innsmouth and chooses to continue his research into the town and its inhabitants, is also typical of Lovecraft’s stories – but very satisfying and memorable.

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They were mostly shiny and slippery, but the ridges of their backs were scaly. Tell me what he done with that funny-shaped lead thingumajig as Walakea give him? They were as furtive and seldom seen as animals that live in burrows, and one could hardly imagine how they passed the time apart from their desultory fishing.

Male and female inhabitants were forced to breed with the Deep Ones, producing hybrid offspring which have the appearance of normal humans in early life but, in adulthood, slowly transform into Deep Ones themselves and leave the surface to live in ancient undersea cities for eternity.

Or were the townsfolk really so resentful about curious visitors?