The Funhouse has ratings and reviews. Watchers by Dean Koontz Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz Intensity by Dean Koontz Lightning by Dean. Written by: Vitina Molgaard “The Funhouse, I think, is better than that. It’s fun. It has something to say. The background is not least. Title: The Funhouse Author(s): Dean R Koontz ISBN: / (USA edition) Publisher: Availability: Amazon Amazon UK Amazon CA.

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I hope you enjoyed it. All of Dean Koontz books are towards young adults.

Dean Koontz ‘The Funhouse’ Review

Jul 03, Dustin Crazy little brown owl rated it it was amazing Shelves: Will she ever stop drinking that annoying vodka and orange juice?

Probably I just think too much.

In funhouses, people are supposed to scream. Dea end was a bit to quick and easy for my taste. Liz reveals that she is going to run away to Las Vegas and become a high-end prostitute and call girl.

I stole it from my mom’s bookshelf in 8th grade and I remember it being the first definitive adult novel I ever read. She married a man she grew to hate—and gave birth to a child she could never love.


Ellen runs off into the night. Those who do, keep it quiet. A fun and easy read. It turned out to be really freaking scary.

The Funhouse (novel) – Wikipedia

Goodreads Horror Week I thought this was an ok book. For books by the former Marine major, go here. It plunges into fnuhouse abyss of despair immediately, does ths few bumps and curves along the way, but never raises high enough so that you can feel the sun shining full force on your face. To anyone I ha I remember buying this off the rack at Lucky’s in Fontana, California, taking it home, and reading it all in one sitting.

Collins’ Crypt: When Dean Koontz Visited Tobe Hooper’s FUNHOUSE

So instead she is killed here by Conrad, after realizing Amy is indeed the fjnhouse of the man’s revenge and tries to stop him from going any further. Also, until that moment, I was reading novels of Dean Koontz but in Spanish-translated editions, so this was my first novel by him on its original English language format. Headline The Mask Dean Koontz. As they gather for the reading of May’s will in Dublin, deam must face some life-changing decisions.

The book itself probably be no more than 4 stars, but because the idea of the book and the purpose it served for edan I’ll give it 5. When she refuses to help him with his plan, he strangles her to death. But other details in this section are different, some due to the fact that the story is different, such as Madame Zena’s death.


She tells him of the child at their senior prom. Like the 80’s horror movie of the same name, cheesy koont wonderful!

A religious cult takes its faith to the extreme But Joanna Rand is the most beautiful, exciting woman he has ever met. Rose has a beautiful daughter, a luxurious home and a thriving interiors company. And the carnival is coming back to town.

It was, like much of early eighties horror, a fun, thrilling kind of scary, not a creepy evil kind of scary. What if your mother was like so religious and thought you were like the evilest and to get back at her you run away and take up with carnies?

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