The Carver Climbing Club facilitates access to the private property that the Carver climbing areas are on. To climb at the Carver cliff or the Carver boulders you. Looking for anyone who has a copy of the Carver Bouldering book from a few years back. Would love to be able to buy one off of someone if. I’ve visited the Carver boulders at the Carver cliffs on the side of the After this, I roamed around checking out routes in the guide for future.

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There are currently around established problems here and there is certainly potential for more. I’m not usually one to buy into the hype of the newest and latest climbing shoes.

So thanks again to everyone for helping to pick up trash, clean boulders and keeping the woods generally friendly. Some are long established rock climbing sites, yet many of the further afield sites are fairly new. Order the Upstate Boulvering Guidebook here.

On Saturday, July 22, we had a guife work party at Carver. We had a LOT of material delivered to the worksite, and only about 5 hours to get the job done. Western Oregon crags tend to be fairly cavrer, with considerably seasonal growth of stinging nettles, blackberry vines, or poison oak encroaching upon the path.

Really good granite and in the rain shadow of the Cascades about 2. Please read up on the access guidelines before climbing here The bouldering at Carver lies on the hillside below the cliffs. Quality is mostly dictated by Mother Nature.


Carver Bouldering: October

Oldest Newest Oldest Best Beta. In the Columbia River Gorge interest for exploration expanded, in part, boulderkng of the building of the Columbia Highway, which began in I also cleaned off a problem that isn’t in the guide that is probably V1.

If the crag were located in Portland it would surely be a very popular climbing area. It may benefit climbers in the short-term to have this information so accessible but I think that the owner’s wishes should be put first, for his sake and ultimately ours.

You can find virtual year-round bouldering by touring a combination of several local hot spots – Larch, Cascade, and BOG Boulders Bridge of the gods boulders. It is a concept in its infancy and still generally lacking stronger NGO effort in northwest Oregon. The routes are beta intensive, because every single knob looks like a hold.

I giude no problem with adding the carvver of Carver’s boulder problems to the site. The crag is well-suited for climbers who have solid 5.

After that bit of work, it was off to the Bonzai Caarver to pick up any more trash I might find. When sunshine and clear sailing skies beckon, go visit these quality bouldering destinations. Portland Rock Climbs provides you with crag information, road and trail directions, and beta for popular rock climbing crags around Portland and northwest Oregon.

Carver Bouldering: For Sale: Carver Bouldering Guide – $

The routes provide an intense opportunity to experience beta-intensive rock climbing requiring endurance, power and movement. It would be nice to make it to Smith Rock, but we’d have to drive over the snowed in Cascades in order to do that Absolutely amazing…Brayack has done it again, but better!!!


A few of the fine quality ice climbs are: Never overrun with crowds, crisp mountain air, plenty of sun, plenty of climbing, easy two-mile hiking access along a gated road, and superb scenery.

I have been granted permission from the landowner to publish a full guide to the Carver Boulders and it should be available by the end of July At this site you can often find sunny weather crag climbing alongside the Columbia River shore. A majority of problems at Carver have to be cleaned every Spring to remove the rapidly growing Winter moss.

Posted by Spencer Williams at 8: The Butte is a prominent feature within the Columbia Hills State Park and is a popular site for climbing as well as hiking. Browse the Madrone web page Madrone Wall for more details. For rock climbers this crag offers a tremendous variety of short boulder problems within a series of corridors in the inner portion of the butte.

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There is also a small website that post up info about the boulderingclick on over and check out the saga that has unfolded. There are so many breweries in Portland to enjoy and the cuisine is absolutely incredible!

My last post about Season also has an ‘after cleaning’ photo of the Water Tower Boulder.

An ascent of Turkey Monster in the Menagerie Wilderness. Recreational values of northwest Oregon have continued to become focused and energized ever since those early years. Sign Up or Log In.