Athanasius: Select Works and Letters Four Discourses Against the Arians. Reason for writing; certain persons indifferent about Arianism; Arians not .. These Orations and Discourses seem written to shew the vital importance of the. Looking for an examination copy? If you are interested in the title for your course we can consider offering an examination copy. To register your interest please. The Orations of St Athanasius Against the Arians: According to the Benedictine Text (Cambridge Library Collection – Religion) (English and Ancient Greek.

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Christian writers had used it for the nature or being of God, and in this sense Euse- bius of Nicomedia had denied that the Son was begotten of the Father’s ousia 5: The charge of apostasy was unknown to the Nicene Council, which regarded Meletius as having gone wrong through ‘ impetuosity: Introduction, on the Life of St.

The earnestness, good sense, and affectionateness of this letter are very characteristic of Athanasius. What he contemplates, so agaknst speak, insatiably, yet as knowing that he can but see it ‘ in part,’ is that doctrine as presented in the simple 9 language of the Apostles and Evangelists; it is to secure and enforce the full significance of their statements that he now writes the ‘ Orations,’ as in his youth he had argued at Nicoea.

He wrote, for the benefit of a convert from Heathenism, a athanasuus consisting of two essays, ‘ Against the Gentiles’ and ‘On the Incarnation of the Word 5.

Gregory of Nazianzus, who wrote a panegyric on his character, and would fain have written a memoir of his life 7may have allowed somewhat too little for the gradual develop- ment of powers and graces in one who became a bishop at about thirty, and closed his career at about seventy-six.

Athanasius does not here refer to Aquila’s version, as he does in regard to Jer. In the midst of a discussion in one of his Orations, his inward experience breaks forth ; ‘ Where Christ is, what fear or what danger can still remain 3? The first exile of Athanasius lasted nearly two years and a half; it was a time of rest, not of suffering. The consequence was that Athanasius, who, ever since he had worshipped with the Eustathians inhad given them his cordial sympathy, now recognised their bishop s as the true head of the Antiochene church, on his appending to his signature of the Tome a full and orthodox declaration, explicit on the com- pleteness of Christ’s Humanity, which Athanasius himself had framed and proposed for his acceptance 4.

It was the 21st of February inwhen — doubtless with many recollections of that February night in — he seated himself once more upon his throne, amid the jubilation of his people 1. Bishops of the West who had refused to disown him were suffering under 1 His love for, and practical knowledge of, the Psalter is beautifully shown in his Letter to Maicellinus, although his Comments on the Psalms are not very striking.


Kaye on Council of Nicrea, p. But Julian’s implied orders were not forgotten ; some govern- ment agents pursued his vessel.

Four Orations Against the Arians

And now he had but to return home, and enjoy the welcome which that Church was eager to give. To these men they took formal exception in a legal document, which Athanasius handed in, but which the court would not receive 7.

A theory which was to show a vitality so tenacious, an activity so versatile, to fight a long battle with the Church of the fourth century, to win a dominion among bar- baric races, to hold Spain until the latter years of the sixth century, to start up after long slumbers amid the confusions of the sixteenth, to mould the belief of Milton and of Newton, to 1 Soc.

The Incarnation in what sense necessary. He had formerly obtained from Athanasius athahasius ‘ bound copies ‘ of the Scriptures ; and arinas recently, under the influence of bishop Maximin, repulsed four Eusebian prelates sent from the East to influence him against Athanasius, and to show him a new creed which all but confessed the Komoou- sion “‘.

Four Orations Against the Arians | work by Athanasius |

Of his sojourn in this city, near the walls of which Constantine II. They evidently recognized no supreme power in the Roman see. And with that marvellous power of self adaptation, prominent among the Pauline qualities which Dean Stanley 1 so well pointed out in this majestic character, Athanasius made those six years of seclusion available for literary work of the most substantial kind, both controversial and historical 2.

It seems desirable to prefix to them some atthanasius of the life of their ever-memorable author. There is no absolutely conclusive evidence as to the date of these Discourses, in fact they would athanasiuus from the language of ii. The Egyptian prelates, in council, received the decrees of Sardica.

On his aspect and manner see Epiph. Athanwsius of the charges were not pressed; others he refuted prations as to others, he asked for time, in order to procure exculpatory evidence ; Macarius could not be convicted of any outrage 8and Ischyras, on being cross-examined, admitted that he was lying sick on the day zgainst question 9and that his ‘ con- gregation’ included no more than oraitons persons He is represented as asking, ‘Do you thick me cowardly, that you smile?

Yes surely; while all of us are and are called Christians after Christ, Marcion broached a heresy oraions long time since and was cast out; and those who continued with him who ejected him remained Christians; but those who followed Marcion were called Christians no more, but henceforth Marcionites.

Vito had been a legate at Nicsea. The troubles of the Semi-arians in a. He was in stature very tall, downcast in visage, with manners like wily serpent, captivating to every guileless heart by that same crafty bearing. And if some elements of human passion mingled with his indignation at what he deemed an apostasy from Christ, allowance must surely be made for the position of a man whom this party had been striking at for thirty years with a persistent energy of hatred ; who knew that amid a general persecution his life was now being specially sought 2 ; who, driven at sixty years old from the throne of a prince of bishops into outlawry under the ban of a prations autocrat, might seem to have, humanly speaking, no better earthly prospect than a few more years of perilous wandering, to be saddened by a deepening consciousness 1 Dr.


Therefore the Council cannot be placed later than the end ofwhich is Mansi’s date, received by Gieseler; and comp. More particular information, in regard to each year, was to be furnished by the bishop of Alexandria, with the help of Alexandrian science, to the church of Rome, and by that church to ‘ remoter churches V 2 The other case was that of the schismatic Xgainst bishop Meletius, and his parti- zans.

Hideous orgies were carried on in the baptistery, copies of Scripture burned, the holy table defiled athanaskus heathenish sacrifices, the stores of wine, oil, and candles pillaged, monks, virgins, and widows maltreated or even slain, and the church 1 Ath.

Ivi On the Life the darkness of Ethiopia with the brightness of the light of Christ 1. Augustine in much the same sense consents to waive the authority of the Nicene Council in disputing with an Arian; Con. Thus the exuberant enthusiasm of his reception had a real effect in raising the moral and reli- gious tone of his people. He passionately addressed Eu- sebius of Csesarea: The case was peculiar 3: Antony wrote to remonstrate with Gregory, but his letters met with insult.

Potammon, against whom they had a special grievance, was beaten so brutally that he died soon after: As Westerns, they naturally treated the bishop of Rome with much greater deference than the bishop of Alexandria ; and even in their statement to Julius they betray their distrust of Athanasius. In or about a. But 1 See Echellensis, Eut. It begins in the form of a creed, ‘ We believe in one unbegotten God, Father Almighty, Maker of all things.

The ‘new city’ was on an island. A further step was naturally taken when Pachomius, who had begun life as a young Pagan soldier, and had been won over to Christianity by the kindness which he and his comrades received from the Christians of Thebes, gathered round him a small band of ascetics, who dwelt with him at Tabenne, on the eastern bank of the Nile 2.

Everything at Tabcnne was prescribed by rule ; the twelve prayers and psalms for midnight, for day-time, for even- ing, — the afternoon service in the church, — the Eucharist on Sunday and Saturday, — the addresses, meditations, confessions, penances, times of silence and of work, of eating and of sleep- ing, followed each other with absolute uniformity.