Sebold’s disappointing second novel (after much-lauded The Lovely Bones) opens with the narrator’s statement that she has killed her mother. In the opening of Alice Sebold’s new novel, a daughter makes a violent choice. This is the problem with Alice Sebold’s new novel, “The Almost Moon.” The book starts with the narrator, Helen, killing her elderly mother, Mrs.

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There’s a similar alertness to the ways in which everyone’s a victim and ssbold has murderous feelings, and outlandish acts again come out of a need to love and feel loved. I don’t want to be late for work. See 2 questions about The Almost Moon….

Not all there …

Sebold switches from present time to the main character’s childhood to her life with her husband and children – and does so in a way that is haphazard and often confusing.

A ciascuno il suo dolore.

And throughout the book we learn about morally questionable things Helen has done in the past as well as watch her commit even more crimes against humanity.

But while her act is almost unconscious, it also seems like the fulfilment of a long-cherished, buried desire, sebolf she spent a lifetime trying to win the love of a mother who had none to spare.

Elena Ferrante on Alice Sebold’s new novel, The Almost Moon

I do find how their is little to redeem Helen in our eyes believable. For those who have never read Sebold, please read The Lovely Bones. The book, told in Helen’s voice, is about the 24 hours that follow the matricide. I would offer the hypothesis that the narrative of the murder of the mother by the hand of the daughter reveals to us daughters such a thick mixture of different poisons that it is difficult to put them in order on the page.


I really did not like Helen or anything she chose to do, in the past or present.

I must applaud Alomst. This story voices some of the worst emotions and fears one could imagine. This is that story. Almost Moon is a whole other thing. She helps her father make existence possible for Clair by taking on an adult role with the neighbors and outsiders when Mr. It was just confusing.

I think it is a very unique book in its perspective and helpful in analyzing the thought processes of the mentally ill, which is why I recommend it.

See, the book wasn’t presented as maybe the diary of Charles Manson would be, like it’s supposed to be a spectacle of horrors, hard to get through because that level of sickness is just so out of our understanding. I couldn’t put this book down so I read it in two days. I found the characters, both past and present, believable and sympathetic and powerfully motivated. I made it to around 60 pages before I chucked it across the room.

To me, the character made perfect sense, and I even liked her as much as that is possible. Like the moon, I said There it hung, a thin slice still low in the sky.

Review: The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold | Books | The Guardian

She uses a tone of dry-eyed, ironic confession. This was the opposite of that. I kept reading in hopes that it would resolve anythingand it doesn’t. Goodreads Submission 1 1 3 Mar 31, Since Alice Sebold has done this so skillfully, why ruin her work by summarizing the almosg


I can appreciate stream-of-consciousness, but not when it’s so disjointed that it confuses me as to what is going on. But, the fact that she owned her hatred of her mother at such an early age–she acknowledged it and expressed it, I mean she OWNED it, but then she only acted out the “loving daughter” p Spoilers In fact, I loooove dark, fucked up stories.

What does an author write after that? At times I thought is is just so absurd, at other times I thought this is someone’s story. Helen loathes akice mother, envies and hates her, has always considered her evil, and, like Electra, judges her guilty of having destroyed her father.

Is Helen serious when she says that murdering her mother came easily? The subject matter was hard at the start, but it got easier as the book progressed, because I started to really dislike the main alcie. Sebold weaves between mother and daughter brings to the surface what most families fight to bury in their histories. However, Almost Moon sounded so bad that I just had to find out how bad it is for myself. Never have I less enjoyed a read.

Dec 31, Alison rated it liked it Recommends it for: So I read this book in entirety with an ill feeling in my stomach. Am I supposed to believe that Helen acted out of her own mental illness?