Aunque los pirules tienen efectos alelopáticos negativos sobre los cultivos, sus efectos sobre estas plantas nativas siguen siendo desconocidos. De hecho, la. vol número1 Alternancia de cultivos, su efecto sobre el suelo en zonas dedicadas a tabaco negro en · índice de autores · índice de materia búsqueda de . No Brasil, os estudos com alelopatia são, muitas vezes, restritos à influência de plantas cultivadas e invasoras sobre os cultivos, principalmente em manejo com .

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Influencia de la alelopatía en los cultivos [1998]

The authors thank N. Nevertheless, the diluted extracts of these plant organs did not affect germination rates of Y.

Invasive plants versus their new and old neighbors: Opposite to pine, extracts of velvet bean and millet reduced the hypocotyl and root length in soybean. For this we conducted a series of germination cultibos where seeds of native species were watered with aqueous extracts of staminate flowers and leaves produced by male peppertrees, and with aqueous extracts of fruits and leaves produced by female peppertrees.

Seedling growth and life-history strategies of 29 pine Pinus species. New York, Chapmann and Hall, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology For this, g of each plant organ staminate flowers, fruits and leaves of male and female trees were crushed it with 1 L of distilled water.


Contribution of mycorrhizal hyphae to nutrient and water uptake of plants. Failure-time-analyses were used to compare germination rates among treatments of the in vitro germination bioassays.

Mean annual temperature in this site is Alelpatia diluted extract of staminate flowers also caused lower germination rates in these two species than the other watering treatments Figure 1E and 1F. Differential allelopathy between genders of an invasive dioecious tree on desert plants. ABSTRACT As an option for the problem of agrotoxics, agroecology has sought the control of spontaneous species through the use of parts of plants with herbicidal activity.

Introduction to ecological biochemistry. Thus, we assumed that seed germination had successfully occurred when the aerial shoots of seedlings were observed. The same procedure was used to collect control soil in five open areas without vegetation cover, always maintaining a minimum distance of 20 m from the canopy of any peppertree.

Extracts of ground leaves were prepared. Nonparametric estimation from incomplete observations.

Journal of Ethnobiology 3: Allelopathic effects of eucalyptus and the establishment of mixed stands of eucalyptus and native species. An integrative plant-fungal process.

Thus, although more research is needed to assess the magnitude of these effects in the field, our results allow proposing that urgent actions are required to control the spread of alelopatai in Mexico and hence promote the recovery of native vegetation in human-disturbed areas of semiarid regions.

Nevertheless, it is important to highlight that the cactus Mammillaria longimamma displayed lower germination alelkpatia in those watering treatments where extracts from fruits and leaves of female trees were applied.


Management of mycorrhizas in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

In this study we performed a series of laboratory and greenhouse experiments addressed to test these effects. These analyses were conducted separately for each native species and, when differences were detected, the post-hoc Tukey test was alleopatia to assess differences between soil types.

For this, we randomly selected five trees of each gender in the field site and collected 2 L of soil first 10 cm of the soil profile beneath their canopies. Results Allelopathic potential of peppertrees. This could be the case of the Peruvian peppertree Schinus molle L.

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Aqueous extracts were prepared within 24 h after collection of plant organs. Possible role of aleloptia microorganisms in aggregation in soils. This differential response of M. The objective of this study was to evaluate the allelopathic effects of aqueous extracts of pine Pinus sp. The greenhouse experiment was arranged in a 3 x 3 x 4 factorial design, with four replications: