F: Mr. Mosséri, how old are you and for how long have you been practicing natural hygiene? M: Soon I’ll be 80 years old, and I’ve been interested in natural. My first mentor Albert Mosseri used to say that it’s the most important one. Is it emotions? Is it meditation? Is it food combining? None of the above. This principle. Fasting: Nature’s Best Remedy [Albert Mosseri] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Albert Mosseri’s follow up book is the most complete book.

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Shelton for 15 years is now retired. In any case our principles are. This traumatised me, and was one of the principal causes of my subsequent schizophrenia. The physician explained that the p ain was caused by the scar tissue that had formed around the tubes and ovaries, following the inflammation. I needed this moral support and security to allow things to take their course. The chain of pathological developments that most certainly follows with medication is suddenly cut short by Hygiene.

Should I follow a special diet? Is our system rigid to this point? I was greatly helped by my relaxation exercises, which I did lying down. Proteins after a fast………………………………………………………………… The reactions of those around us are sometimes unpredictable. They were people who had found little of value in medicine: I now weigh 62 kg lbsso I have lost 8 kilos since my return home from the 4 months of cure with you.

Albert Mosseri Interview

Any negligence will cause unnecessary suffering during the fast, as well as when you resume eating. Mosseri; and on the other hand, not to allow yourself to be fooled by books such as that by Saury which can be extremely dangerous for your health. I have also thrown myself headlong into my work, as well as numerous related activities. Every month at ovulation time the female organs engorge with blood and the resultant swelling pulls on the scar tissue and produces the pain.


For example, I had pain in the groin and I recalled that, a long time ago, the physician had wanted me to have my uterus removed, following excessive bleeding and tumours. Fasting Insights by Don Bennett Back to list of articles. The change of diet and the fast are considered to have nothing to do with her recovery.

They must be taken on a daily basis, with all the accompanying risks.

Albert Mosséri

As the fast goes on, elimination slows down because it uses up the body’s stock of vitamins and minerals [ assuming they had enough when the fast began ]. With my increase in weight and deterioration in health, my blood pressure increased alarmingly.

People like to think that there exists somewhere in nature, a plant which can end all suffering, without touching the causes. Whenever we stop eating, elimination starts, and is evidenced by a white tongue coated with mucus, a foul breath, a bad taste in the mouth, a loss of weight and other symptoms according to the individual. Now everything is back to normal and I have resumed my regular activities. As soon as we switch to the half-fast, rekindling elimination, we must examine the tongue every morning before putting anything in the mouth.

Consequently, they are not used in cases of illness. I also had headaches and a yellow discharge. Cheese as well must be eliminated. I was washing my hair and I suddenly collapsed. Frankly, that required no effort. Cold baths, drugs, enemas, and other means of suppression, prolong fever, waste vitality, and sometimes cause irreparable damage.

Why run the risk of developing a pathological state anywhere in your body when a Natural Hygiene lifestyle can help you to avoid all that?

Your instructions and encouragement would be appreciated. In turn, at the age slbert 23 yrs, my nerves were affected. Throw all medicines to the dogs. They were a little concerned, but when the third and fourth days had passed and the fever persisted, I really had to calm their fears.

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To this end you use bricks, tiles, cement, breeze blocks, stone, mossrri. Even pulling out weeds would make me break out.

After 2 years I was poisoned by the gases and became seriously ill: I have not recovered all my energy to the point of recommencing strenuous exercise such as running or jumping, but I practice gentler sports. I took her temperature daily, kept her warm, permitted her to rest quietly, and prevented people from smoking in misseri room, or from waking her up to see if she was alive.

Sometimes this is enough for the mechanism to start up again. Since the discovery of fasting at the moosseri of times by primitive men, this discovery in the health field is the mosserl prodigious that has ever been made. When you entrust your watch to a repairer he begins by carefully cleaning all the parts. I then thought of closing an eye and I mossrri only one car. Such symptoms as heat in the face, neck and chest, or the sudden episodes of heat and sweating throughout the body, called hot flushes, are not an automatic accompaniment of the menopause, unless the woman is living in an unhealthy and enervated way.

Take control of your dental health and avoid thousands of dollars in unnecessary treatments by going to:. There is no place in natural hygiene for any kind of remedy, whatever it may be, and in this area we make no compromise.

This total rest is a beneficial part of fasting and an important one. In conclusion, I note that I wasted 4 weeks by trying to cure myself with antibiotics and other medicines.