Color map. The wilderness is the overland map of the Drakalor Chain – you start the game in the upper right corner of the wilderness, and you may enter a. The wilderness is the overland map of the Drakalor Chain. It is often regarded as a curse by new players, whose PC’s are killed in wilderness encounters and. ADOM Guidebook. Wilderness – color map.

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Revealed by searching with Lucky or Fate smiles.

Teleportation is not allowed within the fungal caves. Most of the monsters are initially peaceful, but will become hostile when the PC ascends from the final level.

Cannot enter while carrying more then s of equipment. Teleportation is not allowed within the heavenly area. To the north is a peaceful dwarven guardian spirit wilcerness piles of bones. Level of the Caverns of Chaos. Home of many, many Quicklings of different types.


Improved ADOM Guidebook – The Wilderness

The second level of the fortress is a dungeon level with a normal random layout. Depending on how the quest is resolved, it can lead to volcanoes appearing in the Drakalor chain. Available after receiving the quest to kill Katharamandus.

Teleportation is allowed on this level. It has hidden chambers containing massive amounts of gold and four random artifacts. Reading it also incurs a small amount of corruption. Most actions taken on the level e. Retrieved from ” http: The Tower of Eternal Flames.

The antediluvian jungle is an area accessible through a rare special forest wilderness encounter.

Eerie Glade

The Sinister Library of Niltrias. The wilderness encompasses the game world of ADOM. Can be found in any wilderness forest square in the west half of the wilderness; must ‘s’earch for it. Wildernese of the Emperor Moloch. Reading one while wildernese to Andor Drakon instantly destroys him, and shortly causes the universe to end. Very dangerous to low level players or players without water-breathing equipment.

Once the PC reads the antediluvian dwarven map, Rolf’s fortress can be found in the mountains directly east of Terinyo. The portal leads to a four level dungeon, which features antediluvian enemies. One of the more remote locations in the game, wildwrness of Hawkslayer. Reading one when the PC possesses all 6 fragments allows the PC to combine them into a map to Rolf’s mqp.


The closed rooms at the center of the map can be accessed by secret doors. Retrieved from ” http: Zapping it produces food and water, and creates an herb bush. Tywat Pare awards gold pieces for killing Yergius. The overlord drops either the cornucopia or the horn of plenty when killed. Rolf will attack chaos knights when chatted with, regardless of alignment.

In its unidentified form it appears as a red tinderbox. The Mad Minstrel’s Clearing.