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Timer B low byte qd009 pre-value for the counter. X Transfer X-register to sp: BCS aa B0 2 2 C Port B direction register. SLEEP mode can be released by using external wakeup sources. PWM output in no carrier signal mode with driver current programmable? For normal operational 6.

Key scan wakeup source, if key change is detected, ad00 wakes up from sleep mode. Figure System registers The detailed description is shown in following description.

Meanwhile, the built-in IR transfer module can make IR control and usage easily. Some of bits in control register are read only.

AD009-03 AD009-03T SOP-16

The GND line of all these voltage stabilize intention capacitors should be pull from power source separately aad009 from chip GND line. Timer A high byte 4-bit pre-value for the counter.

Figure Two types of clock sources 5. Low Voltage Reset 1. Please tell us the remote control matching frequenciessd009 chip is what the remote control zd009 not good.


Power Saving Mode 5. And Timer A has another function is envelope detection; it can detect envelope waveform of input signal with or without carrier signal. Programmer can use this bit to do some operations, e.

Timer A also has a capture function which can capture the frequency of input signal. Different Reset Sequences as the following figures: PWM initial output low, and if the counter value is same as the value in compare unit, the If an overflow occurs, the PWM automatically and the counter starts count down again.

Configuration Register The configuration register is used to setup the operation condition. Timer A 8-bit pre-value for the counter. China wifi component China television component China appliance components ltd.

China lcd component China bag components China electronic components. Please note that application circuits illustrated in this document are for reference purposes only. It contains up to 8K bytes of program memory. Remote door lock controller and power supply design as a wholebeautiful and convenientthe remote controller consisting of a remo Figure shows the affected region for Figure Reset sources 5. The power and GND connect lines between these device should be short and wide as possible, the width keep more than 1mm is better.

Shenzhen Top Source Technology Co. Watchdog enable or disable option. Y Store X-register in memory M?

Fasten your seat belt and become a pilot as you learn about shapes with this fun filled toy! ANew Electronci component AD When Timer A is started, the value of 4-bit high-byte low-nibble register and 8-bit low-byte register would firstly be loaded into the bit counter and then the counter starts count up from the loaded value.


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Wireless Remote ControlMetal wireless remote control manual copyOne ,OverviewMetal wireless copy remote control is a new self-learning remote control, it can put another remote encodingThis simpl Port D Ad0009 D is a 6-bit programmable bi-directional port.

If this function is enabled, the LVR circuit will monitor power level while chip is operating. PWM driving current selected bits.

If the related interrupt control bit is set to enable interrupt, an interrupt request signal will be generated and then CPU executes the interrupt service routine. Envelope flag showing whether envelope exist da009 not. Timer mode with clock source selectable?

Noble Learning code remote lock controller Introduction 1 body design: Timer A high pulse duty Value R Write: The direction setting determines whether this pin is an input or an output. What is your payment terms?

Configuration Check bits must be filled in Stack Pointer The CPU has an 8-bit-wide register indicating the location in the stack to be accessed push or pop when a subroutine call or interrupt occurs.